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north of leasehold and the sip way four is to the west and we are looking to do north generally and so adaptive reuse of one 09 and one ten and creating a plaza space that also recognizes the history of the site and it's former use and ship building and repair what we call the maritime shields. and allowing the ship repair vernacular to be introduced for interpretation and reasonable generally the concept behind park plan and lastly this is one of the concepts on how to design
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one of the concept point for human power boating and this is urban beach around the northeastern shore line and access to the water from slip way four as well. with that in mind one. things that we have had to present as part of the workshop is that we don't have the budget to complete the entire project as it's designed today we had to look at the available fundings and the cost for the project today with the 2008 & bonds and additional port funds our budge is 21 million for cran copark today. the estimates cost looking at construction cost and is plus an estimatemation contingency of 50% puts us at a subtotal of $33 million and are soft costs are between 30 and
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33% and we have it at 33 and for a total cost of 43 and-a-half million dollar and this equates to $4.8 million in a customer, a acre which, is similar to other city front parks in the city and the other thing to note is because of the other high level conceptual of the park we have a 50% contingency because of the scion and that contingency can come down and those cost can come down but recognizing thats that's the best information that we have today and we might be look at what we might be able to phase as an initial projection of the park and what we can deliver as a first phase is outlined in yellow and so it's a multipurpose green and there is a slip way four area, the short
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line area, east of slip way four and then 19th street to access the park. if costs come down begin to come down as a part of getting into more detail and assessment, we think, we have alternate a b and c generally in that order and the additional parts of the park can come online and then we think the area orange which, is the one 094 court would be a second phase and then building 49 and the areas to the north would be phase would that future development or redevelopment of those facilities in general, the workshop went well we held it down at the noonian building
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people were happy with the concept generally we did get a request do more research on the even time fields but we needed to share with the participates of the workshop that the development was a part of overall pier 70 strategy. next up along public projects is the -- working with the arts commission, we released concepts for arts on the 292 grain silo and is one 35 applicants submitted ideas and the art commission narrowed it down to 23 and we had a jury panel narrow it further down to select four artists and just this past
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friday the arts commission received their proposals for their project and this is hot off the press you are the first to ever see it and i apologize that it doesn't come up as well as i like it but the first idea. and this is an etch and sketch where members of the public can sketch something up and the silos can get repainted with that image and don't know exactly how it works its an interesting idea and a way to engage the community and activate the gateway project as well: the second project is transfiguration by laura has had dad and she is taking image re and history into a different context and recognizing the history of the area and the site and recognizing it graphically
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and so there is and environmentle butcher town and the community and highlighted it in a composes as it mural and it would like like what [spelling?] it is on the left and at night the blue red and green to highlight the aspects televise and again an interesting interpretation of how we cannen hants grain silo and is thirdly we have electro land it's cameron mc dowell who proposed to use l e d lighting to apply right light to the silos that would not only interpret the way that the silos originally worked and functioned but also create an interactive game that people could use on their mobile
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devices like iphones or i-pods or blackberries to manipulate the colors and also provide an audio comment tare on the site and the history of the community as a part of it. and the last period is rego and mays within a city sign and speak to the power peace and nations cities communities, families and individuals. and that too will be hit in the evening. the next steps for this are in early january each of these will be at the baby opera house on display two receive public excellent and in addition, we will have them online in the ports website and to refute public comment and in late january the panel will reconvene and select one artist to move forward with and
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depending on which it selected it it can take between six and 12 most to build and construct the probability. so hopefully, in some time in 2013, this will been up and operable. and then just a few other project we have toll larry park which, is a small park between third street and creek on northern shore this project is the with d p w and they are hoping to complete the design and put it up to bid in the spring and construct it and last week the state coastal conserviancy's board granted an award to the board for $600,000 to remove dilapidated piles within the yech creek and i'll be come can back to request authorization to receive and
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expand those grant funds and second to last, is the bay view gateway across from toll lar aye park which, is the project is in d p w's hands and we are in 30% detail and we are working with the arts commission on a major art piece at the intersection of third and cargo way to activate and create a gateway to the community and the hopes are working with engineering that this will go out to bid with toll lar yeah park potentiallily as a single paunch in the spring of next year with construction beginning shortly there after. last and not least is the picture of the grand opening of harrison park and car go lane bike lanes both of which we have seeshed a lot of great compliments on and people are out there using them today and
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with that i'm available for any questions thank you. >> clean woods? good afternoon commissioners conmarine woods water front den son, i want to thank for all of his hard work the blue green white project if you have not been down to harrison park since the new entrance went in, please go, it's absolutely beautiful. the bay front park shore line is has really opened up that park from the boulevard for people to use all of these projects really connect people with the water front. and they are very
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important and without the support and david's leadership, they would not have happened. i know that you will all worked hard to get to 2012 bond. i'm hoping that you can find some other money to do the north east work plaza's so we don't have to spend our bond minute on that and we can move it back down to the southern water front to help finish up crane copark and then the other project that have been so long in planning but really, thank you david. >> thank you. are there any i public comment? david i gist wanted to tell you that you did a very great report. great thorough and i'm going through all of the project and everything that you worked on and i'm totally impressed this is very good work. thank you.
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>> ditto. very very good work and i'm really excited about the silos. i'm really excited about the silo and their project those are great proposals and so it will be spiting to see who win and is i can't tell you who i vote for next but if you want to know personally no, but those are great concept i just want to ask veil layer row park and creek is there a budget for those projects and --. >> yes this is a off the top of my head so don't quote me but toll larry park our budget is $675 from the 2,000 and eight bond and we received a grant for $275,000 for the california resource agency. so that is the bum for that project. for the
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bay view gateway project, the budget is approximately $3.6 million i believe and for the coper crane and the power removal it's about $660,000. >> okay and so is that for both sides of third street or just the -- just -- well currently, it's just for toll larry park from the 2012 bond, for the north side between illinois and 23rd street we had one $.5 million proposed for that improvement. >> okay and so most of those project are in the design phase? none the projects from the
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2012 are in the design phase but we have done conceptual bureau of landscape architects hands and detail design phase and work and go out to bid in the spring, i believe. >> so when will we have a concept of what is going to be there? we have it today. >> oh, do we for the bay view gateway. >> or for the 2012? whatever we are going to whatever. >> we have for bay view gateway and toll larry park and gateway we have the concept and i can show then to you here right now if you would like okay. >> so this is the concept for the bay view gateway and again it's location is between third street and illinois street and car go way the concept includes removing a dilapidated whof along the shore line's edge and
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taking what is currently today just an entirely paved area and creating some landscape areas which are identified in green with the trees creating a pathway that takes takes pedestrians andbicycle chlics in 34 story and context he he them with car go way which, is a natural direction that people would want to go and create a plaza along the water front, with interpretation throughout the site regarding the site's history and cargo and integrate through the plaza along the water front and along that railings and along creating a plaza calls the green way transition plaza because it's a place people will be traveling down the illinois street and
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heading towards car go lines and also enjoy the public art on the pier 92 grain silo and is there is a rail track that goes through the middle of the site that runs east and west and so we are consolid dating or down where people can work with the arts enrichment process and then selecting plant material that is made of coastal california plant material and one of the thing that we a heard from the maritime community is that they wanted to make sure that we balanced this a park that people can enjoy but not a place that attracts a whole a lot of
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typical recreation because of the freight rail running through it and significant amount of truck traffic that goes to the port's operation and is so we felt that we had come up with a design that balances that and helps create a natural pedestrianian and bicycle movement, provides a safe crossing for the rail tracks and we worked with the fire department to maximize their lazy holds to get maximize access to the public and a whof area that is fenced off that is not attractive that we are talking about removing and opening up the water to. >> okay and then the clear space, by the firehouse? that is part of reconfiguration of the firehouse least, currently, the firehouse least extends halfway between illinois street and the firehouse and what we are doing is we are pulling that area and
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relocating it to the south along the freight rail track and then creating a new fence so that they have their parking and storage area there. >> and so it will be on the other side? right so it will not be as visible to the general public and one of the other thing that we are looking at doing and this is depend on the bulletin is on the west side of third street, at arthur and third or continuation of car going you can enjoy the art on both sides of the street that will be very nice. >> yes and then the other project that is illustrated here on the top and & i apologize it's farrell small its toll lar yeah park which, is compromises because the utilities running
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under it primarily and you remember in the early early planning face phases of the illinois street bridge they duck taped the creek and it exploded and -- and creek we had to bridge or over it with a 60-inch force main running through the site as well as a private property this the existing shore line in the eastern portion of the park and so working our engining staff we have developed a solution to bridge a walkway over the force main create a bell evidence deer out into the water so people can potentially fish and enjoy the water front and then bridge back over the land the force main again and make this park ada accessible and there is a lot of heavy
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growth in the park that make it a harbor for the homeless and makes it uncomfortable for people to visit and we are going to clear much that have landscaping away and use natural native san francisco coastal plant to lament and create a place that we think is more inviting to use, more a traghtive and also, put interpretation again here about the site and possibly the silo art as well. >> thank you and can we go back to crank copark? absolutely. >> love that one. that one. so i couldn't understand the differences between the initial phase alternate a and phase -- the difference --. >> so the initial so until the process of cost estimating the cost estimators estimatinged the total cost is twie million dollars but they are dealing
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with drawings that are very conceptual and not a whole a lot different than than general take off and is so when cost estimators look at project those details they put a 50% contingency on those costs right off the path bath and so that puts us at 33 million and top of that another 32% for detail design work the project management the construction management the resident engineer and is all of the permits necessary for it and that puts us at free million dollars and i'm hopeful that, that contingency, we don't need $11 million of tingee but rather than promising too much to the community, i want to be very conservative and say this is what we are farrell certain we fairly certain we can deliver which, is outlined in yellow and we can bring the cost down and it's a
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triangular area called the building one 09, four court area and then the next priority is building one 09 which, is a park civilian and park area that is a part of the building that comes back see the triangle in orange? you referred to it as one 09 but it's one ten. yeah the one 09 is the building to the south so one 09 is red and one ten is original orange correct. and that one ten is the building in the middle of that orange triangular area and so we felt the best phasing as more money becomes available or that contingency number comes down we would add the orange try ainel area and then the next approach would be to deliver building one 09 which may provide a park she'ller off street parking area and if it comes further, we will add the
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green area the maritime fields and it looks like the colors got a little jumbled because it looking blue to me but it's green. and then . what is phase two? >> phase -- yes it's in the orange but that dynamic may need updating and my apologizeys for that. as part of the initial phase we can deliver one of the two cranes in slip way four which don't have the fund do both and so there is that light blue which, is in a crane that
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relocating at the east end of building 49 and that is the third alternate and phase two is the triangle around the building 110. what is alternative a. >> well ant they the different if you cannot fund phase a then it becomes phase two? right. and i may need to revise that slightly but that is the direction that we are headings and it seems to get support and may be they are as confused as you were but --. >> okay. well, hope ihopefully, we can get as much time as we can with what we have and hope for future funding but thank you so much and this is a great presentation and we are really happy about all of the oche space projects that we are working on and the wonderful park findings. >> actually i had a couple of
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questions do we have any estimate of the costs you know you showed us the signage but i think that is along the pathway? >> yes the cost that we have for that is $1.1 million for the sign anal. and is that for all of the signage from mission bay-yeah from mission creek to wrecken park and in a way that wrecken park and m ta can take our design and use it for portions that are off of our jurisdiction and. >> and then will there be other signage off of there and we are trying to dome develop a consistent palette in the blue and green design palettes and we are come up with boaty blocks that we use at hansen parks with all of the seating parks ton and retaining walls and have some
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consistency on the park sign anal where the name of the park is recessed in the concrete paul wall and so site furnishings as well as benches and water founds and so there is consistency. >> and pathways? not at this time because much of the pathway runs along existing streets and at this time we are not looking at that but pathway materials we have found this new product that we think we will be using in other parks as well and so. >> and to the point earlier there was a park we went to and there was a park i have got out of town visitor and we want to go to that park. hairing ton. >> i hope you didn't take
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anyone to crane co, no, harrison park and it's already having the desired effect of becoming a disintegrate nation so thank you. >> item 11 a informational presentation under proposed infrais it true tour financial district over port property. >> good evening commissioners brad ben son special projects manager elane forbs and i will be (ing this and this is a a port structure financing district and we have been legislationing and sure some time for this and but i wanted to come to the mic first because
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in 2005 when monique invited me down to the port, we were struggling with the port's capital plan and capital needs we were engaged in a conferring with michael cohen who was then working at the office of economic and workforce development at financing tools that could help us revitalize the water front. and michael cohen mentioned that he was in conversation with david mad way about different option whether redevelopment would be an appropriate tool along the water front or if there was another option and david mad way who's here, is former general counsel of the san francisco redevelopment agency and now works at shepherdmony and point out an object cures area in the california code and so it was
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really david's idea that we have been plowing over the last eight years and i want to thank mr. mad way for that brilliant stroke we are the ones who make sense -- david you know the poorliment tree rules better than anyone. come to the mic afterwards so it can be recorded. >> thank you joovment elane knobs port staff and as david said this is putting the law in place and geek getting the mechanism to secure infrastructure financing proceeds and a lot of credit goes to bran son and many of my preed says cor and is monique moyer that has gotten us to this point and right now we are

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